Latina Abuse Starring Lola Lozado Lola Lozado Latina Abuse Video
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Latina Abuse Porn Video : Lola Lozado

Lola Lozado could be many different things in life. She's friendly and beautiful... and that can take you a long way in life. Why she decided to throw her future away and get face fucked, treated like shit and left as a slop puddle of man crud is beyond me. I tried to interview her in the beginning but she's absolutely the dumbest broad to ever sit on our couch. Then, her face fucking was subpar. Pauly and Bootleg really gave her the business end of their meat sticks but she fought them tooth and nail to get it in her throat. Of course, the whore lost the battle. They both completely dominated her sexually. She's never had it like that before. The cherry on top... watching both dump their loads all over her face and having her eat it off. Talk about true misery...

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